Budgetpedia helps demystify city budgets, walks you through the budget-setting process and identifies ways in which you as a resident can have a more active voice in deciding how the city spends its money.

We use simple, to-the-point charts and other interactive data visualizations to make budgets more accessible to all audiences at all levels of knowledge. Our goal is to make Budgetpedia a one-stop shop for the easy discovery of financial data on a wide variety of operations in City of Toronto.


The Purpose and the Process

The Toronto budget is divided into operating and capital budgets. Operating budgets account for day-to-day costs of running services using available resources. The capital budgets account for costs of creating new assets, like community centres or roads.

The operating budget for 2017 was listed at $12.4 billion, which is over $4,300 for every man, woman, and child in the City. The capital budget for the year was listed at over $3B. For the time being, Budgetpedia's current focus is on understanding the operating budget.



Putting the numbers into context

Relevant data is often obscured within highly complex financial reports that are difficult to understand. Budgetpedia extracts the raw data from government disclosures and converts them into engaging data visualizations.

Open data is a critical to increasing the transparency and accountability of local governments to its constituents. Budgetpedia's Data Stories provide helpful additional context designed to assist residents in making sense of the numbers and play a more active role in determining where funding goes.

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Granular-level data visualization

The Data Explorer is a visualization engine displaying on-demand budget data across various areas including transportation, social services, health and more. For advanced users in publicy policy, education and industry, Budgetpedia offers training on how to effectively use the Explorer to drive decision-making.



Budgetpedia's Mission, Vision and Values

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Budgetpedia is a nonprofit organization borne out of CivicTechTO. The Budgetpedia team comprises civic action leaders, database and web developers with a common interest in leveraging open data to help inform residents regarding how budgets are set, and the impact that revenue and expense decisions have on the welfare of the people in the city.

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